Using Yuri’s Study Cards in class

Yuri’s Study Cards can be used in multiple ways. Students can use them for revision, studying, essay writing and homework. But did you know that you can incorporate them into your class as well?

Doing activities with the cards get students straight into grammar. Students get familiar with the different verb endings, pronouns, possessives, etc. They can start seeing the logic behind the grammar. The colours on the card make it an easy and approachable way to learn.

As they get more and more familiar with the colours and different charts, they can then combine other tables to form longer and more complex sentences. Grammar becomes less overwhelming and more useful as they can see how they can put the different parts of speech in practice.

Doing exercises with your card in class adds to their learning process in a fun, meaningful and practical way.  Instead of memorising a few phrases by heart, students will be able to create their own sentences, and they’ll become more independent.

After a few activities, you’ll be amazed at how much of a boost they get when it comes to grammar. When they understand it, they tend to enjoy learning and are also prone to make fewer mistakes.

The cards are designed to be used from 1st to 6th year.

In the first year, you can use many basic tables from the card, such as articles, pronouns, possessives, the verb to be, adjectives, expressions, present tense verb endings and some irregular verbs.

During the Leaving Cert years, the basic tables are always used for reinforcement. You can then integrate the rest of the tables with the different verb tenses and more irregular verbs. 

At this level, you can start using the advanced cards where you can cover more in-depth topics such as the passive voice, compound tenses, indirect speech, the subjunctive, etc. 

Benefits of using YSC in class for  1st, 2nd and 3rd-year students:

  • Students start their language learning process with a rock-solid foundation.
  • By having the card in the first years, they are more likely to learn the verb endings, pronouns, articles, etc. They can have a clear overview of the language.
  • They start creating sentences at an elementary level, which gives them confidence and encouragement to create more complex sentences to express their own ideas.
  • As they move on to different years, even if they change textbooks or notes, students still hold a colourful visual map of the parts of speech which they need through to 6th year.
yuris study cards

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