The Irish Grammar Card is one level (Basic to Intermediate) divided into two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Both levels cover all the essential grammar any Irish learner needs to know.

If you’re a student studying for your Irish exams, both cards are perfect for the Junior Cert and Leaving Certificate.

Irish Part 1 & 2

They cover levels: A1, A2, B1, B2

Suitable for:

  • Anyone starting with a basic understanding of the Irish language.
  • Anyone with an A1, A2, B1 or B2 level.
  • Students that will sit the Junior Certificate (1st to 3rd year)
  • Students that will sit the Irish State Exams (4th to 6th year)
  • Anyone with an upper intermediate or advanced level looking to reinforce the foundational grammar.
The first part of the Irish series contains 30 charts with grammatical categories. This card mainly covers verb conjugations in the present, past, and future tense, including both regular and irregular verbs. It also includes pronouns, articles, and possessives.
The charts in the Irish Grammar Cards use different colours to make things easier. Yellow, purple, and green show different pronouns: mé, tú, sé, sí, etc. So, when you see these colours in the charts, you’ll know which pronoun they represent.
The Irish Grammar Cards use colours to show spelling changes. Green is used for aspiration (séimhiú), and orange is used for eclipsis (urú). This helps you easily identify and understand the different spelling patterns.

The second card in the Irish series is packed with over 20 user-friendly grammar charts that illustrate noun declensions, adjectives, and prepositional pronouns.

Each table is separate, so you can focus on the specific topic you’re studying in class.

Some of the grammar topics included in the Irish Card, Part 1:
  • Definite and indefinite articles  (an, na)
  • Personal pronouns (mé, tú, sé…)
  • Wh-Questions (Cad? Cén? Conas?)
  • The copula forms in affirmative, negative, questions (is, ní, an, ar, níor…)
  • in the present tense in affirmative, negative and interrogative (tá mé, tá tú, níl mé, an bhfuilimid)
  • Broad and slender verb endings:
    • Past (sheinn mé, sheinn tú…)
    • Present (seinnim, seinneann tú)
    • Future (seinnfidh mé, seinnfidh tú)
    • Conditional (sheinnfinn, sheinnfeá, etc.)
  • Useful verbs with prepositions (tá ar, inis do, abair le, etc.)
  • The 11 irregular verbs in the present, the past, and the future (ith, tar, beir, etc.)
  • Indirect speech (Dúirt sí go gceannódh sí leabhar…)
Some of the grammar topics included in the Irish Card, Part 2:
  • Over 100 prepositional pronouns (agam, agat, aige, aici, etc.)
  • Over 20 examples of nouns in the 5 declensions in nominative and genitive in singular and plural (an bord, an bhoird, na boird, na mbord…)
  • Comparatives and superlatives (maith – fearr, olc – measa)
  • Common adjectives (tapa, mall, glan, lag…)
  • Time expressions (inné, anuraidh, anocht)
  • Prepositions (go, gran, mar)

When you purchase the card, you’ll also receive a free PDF resource that you can download and print. This resource provides a step-by-step guide on how to use your card effectively. It explains the meaning of each colour used and gives a detailed explanation of each table with examples to help you understand the content better.

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