The Simplest and Best Language Grammar Learning Aids!

Foreign language grammar guides available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, English and Irish.

Studying grammar doesn't have to be overwhelming anymore! Our study guides include condensed grammar charts for beginners and intermediate students.

Yuri’s Study Cards have essential grammar tables condensed into a card. Designed with a colour-coded system, the card follows a pattern that clearly shows the different persons, I, you, he, she, it, we, you, and they. Every person has a specific colour so you can easily find the word you need.

Suitable for all age groups from 12+.

yuris study cards

Yuri’s Study Cards are an excellent addition to your studying material. They are handy reference cards that help you find the word you need.

The cards are light and colourful and contain from 30 to 50 charts of essential grammar patterns, verbs, and useful vocabulary to make your studying easier.

With Yuri’s Study Cards, you get straightforward grammar that helps you with:

  • Exam studying
  • Homework and revision
  • Essay writing (subject-verb agreement)
  • Finding the verb ending in different tenses

Why Our Customers Love Yuri’s Study Cards so Much!

A language reference card that you can use in multiple ways depending on your needs.

The cards support independent studying. You can use them during your class or while studying from home. You can add your own vocabulary to create and practise structures, or you can have them by your side to memorise certain patterns. It's up to you!

Over 30,000 students are currently using Yuri’s Study Cards worldwide.

yuris study cards

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